Considering outsourcing your cleaning requirements? Want to know how much to hire a cleaner in your area? Find out more …

The price you pay for a cleaner depends whether you are hiring an individual / private cleaner or using an agency. Here at So Clean, we ONLY clean for commercial organisations e.g businesses with offices, hotels, restaurants etc and mostly, these type of organisations will outsource their cleaning to an agency, or hire their own full time staff, to manage cleaning within the business.

The price you should expect to pay for cleaning, depends on many factors but here are the top 5 things you need to be considering.

  1. How many rooms need cleaning
  2. What needs cleaning within each room
  3. How long is expected to complete the cleaning tasks
  4. What products / supplies will be needed to complete the job
  5. How many cleaners will be needed

Domestic vs Commercial Cleaning

Most domestic cleaners charge based on an hourly rate and work for themselves. More often than not, they will use the supplies provided by the homeowner and in many cases, they do not have insurance, which is vital when working for businesses.

When it comes to commercial cleaning, the cleaner will have been through an employment process, undergone training and will be using agency provided tools and supplies. In addition, the cleaners will be backed up with adequate insurances to protect the business, who contracts 3rd party staff to manage cleaning.


The cost to hire a cleaner will ultimately be affected by the location of the job. If the cost of living is higher, the cost per hour / per job will obviously be affected. Hiring a cleaner in London is likely to cost more

Cleaning Price Factors

Domestic cleaners appear to be within the £13 to £30 per hourly rate.

As mentioned above, individuals do not always have adequest insurance, training and support and when it comes to cleaning for business, this is an area of concern for businesses.

An agency will look at the requirements of job and decide how many staff are needed to complete it in the most efficient time. This may mean a single cleaner, or a team. Each member will be monitored by the agency who is ultimately responsible for the quality of the work being carried out.

Prices for commercial cleaning varies according to whether it a one off job e.g Kitchen Deep Clean, or ongoing weekly or monthly cleaning.

Business considerations when hiring a cleaner

It is not common for a business to hire a domestic cleaner, although this isn’t to say it doesn’t happen. The main reason is insurance and quite often, domestic cleaners do not have the insurance (or at least the same level of insurance) an agency will have.

Inside most businesses, is expensive equipment and it’s essential for peace of mind, the cleaners who operate within the business, are professionals with adequate training, insurance and control from the agency who deploy them.

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