Intensive Deep Clean Service for Commercial Kitchens

Over time even the best kept kitchens require a deep clean. With daily use and working in high temperatures grease and oil can lead to baked in grime, usually in the hardest to reach corners.

It’s vital for businesses to maintain optimum hygiene conditions when serving food to the public and our deep cleaning solution, gives you peace of mind that your kitchen is cleaned to a high standard.

Intensive Deep Clean Solution for busy kitchens

  • Specialist trained deep cleaning staff
  • Flexible times to suit your business
  • Professional cleaning materials and equipment used
  • Free, no-obligation quotes

Kitchen Deep Cleans – London, Kent and Southeast

Commercial Kitchens – Deep Cleaned

Our deep clean service is the ideal kitchen cleanse, providing a complete package of deep cleaning to leave every surface gleaming and hygienic.

  • High Level Work
  • Ventilation Canopies
  • Extraction and Ventilation Systems
  • Burners
  • Cooking Tops
  • Oven Racking
  • Hot Cooking Equipment
  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • All Surfaces

We provide a team of professional cleaners, armed with a range of equipment and chemicals to take care of the most stubborn oil, greases and other baked-in dirt.

This service not only ensures your premises are cleaned, but prolongs the life of your equipment. A deep clean also reduces the risk of fire and pest infestations.

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