Managing a business can be tiring and stressful as well as rewarding. It is essential to maintain high standards in all areas of your business, keeping premises clean and tidy, ready to accommodate clients and staff.

When a customer enters your premises, their first impression goes a long way toward influencing their overall decision to work with you. If your premises appear clean, tidy and smell fresh, it creates that all important positive first impression.

Businesses must focus on maintaining cleanliness of the working environment. We deal with lots of different types of business throughout multiple sectors, it’s customers, patrons or staff who visit the premises, good cleaning standards are an essential part of running a business.

It can be tough to find choose the right company, one who listens to your needs, identified way to operate without interfering and one which adapts to the changing needs of the business. We have identified four key areas that you should be aware of, when hiring a commercial cleaning contractor

Cleans According to Your Needs

As a client, you want to hire services from an agency which knows how to handle your needs efficiently.

Cleaning is not your primary concern but making sure you choose the right company to work with from the beginning, can make your life a lot easier. Choose the wrong one and it’s you who will be starting the search all over again, to find someone else who can do what you want, on time, everytime.

Each and every business has a specific set of requirements. Consider the following:

A commercial Kitchen might require a deep clean which is carried out at specific times when the Kitchen is closed. Cooking oils may need removing / replacing, filters cleaned or replaced, fridges switched off and moved for a set period of time to avoid any reduction in temperature, while cleaning takes place underneath and behind the place it stood.

An office on the other hand might not need such an intensive clean, but your cleaning company should be asking what needs cleaning and what should NOT be touched. Do you want monitors cleaned with specific product, or just dusted, are telephones to be sanitized with antibacterial sprays / wipes or just good old fashioned soap and water and a damp cloth.

Your business may require cleaners to wear specific branded clothing or unbranded clothing, enter the premises at specific times, or through a nominated entrance rather than the front.

All of these factors should be identified and documented in a cleaning checklist. A proficient cleaning company will be able to help you with this and identify exactly how the cleaning service should be applied to your business.

Pays attention to the Basics

It’s all very well if the initial communication goes well and the checklist appears in place, but it’s important to monitor the delivery and completion of the checklist. Has the cleaning company you chose conveyed your wishes correctly to its staff, who turn up to clean your premises. Have the cleaners remembered to use a certain product on your iMac screens and only use a specific soft cloth, to avoid damaging expensive equipment. 

The basics of cleaning should be carried out efficiently, on time and with minimum fuss. Inspect the work once they have left and if necessary monitor, during the cleaning process. Evaluate the quality of the cleaning process and ensure the checklist is adhered to.

A good cleaning company will have a staggered management process to ensure these processes are carried out correctly. If a member of the cleaning team needs to be replaced for any reason, new members should be able to review the checklist and perform the same level of service effectively.

Follows Health and Safety Guidelines

If you are thinking of hiring a commercial cleaning company, it is important to check they adhere to health and safety standards.

Managers must ensure that cleaning staff are appropriately trained and that they are familiar with the risks associated with the performance of cleaning tasks in their specific work locations. Risks should be controlled so that cleaners, and any other users of buildings, are kept safe and free from danger of injury.

Your cleaning company should be able to demonstrate good practices in the implementation of Health and Safety standards.

Listens and Adapts to your Changing Requirements

Sometimes, you may need to make an adjustment to to cleaning service. This might be decreasing the times, increasing the times and frequency or making an adjustment to the checklist. Whatever it is, you should be able to contact your cleaning company and make adjustments to suit any change in your requirements. 

Establishing a clear line of contact from the beginning is key. Knowing who your cleaners are, who to contact in the event of needing to make a complaint or adjustment and how to escalate an issue beyond team managers if necessary.

Adapting to the needs of the client is paramount to establishing a healthy working relationship between your business and your cleaning contractor.

Could So Clean be the right cleaning company for you?

We have been providing excellence in cleaning since 1994. So Clean Cleaning & Support Services is a family owned business, based in Kent, who provide commercial cleaning services for various establishments in London, Kent and throughout the Southeast Region. 

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