Here at So Clean we help businesses profit from better cleaning. We understand the importance of working in a clean office. Having a clean office environment can not only improve your company image but can also impact on your staff both physically and psychologically

Efficient Cleaning for Businesses in London

7 tips for a clean office


  • A clean and well organized office creates a good impression – this will help you to keep existing customers and attract new ones.
  • In the long run, hiring a professional cleaning company will typically cost much less than the salary of having someone employed specifically to clean.
  • Hiring a professional cleaning company is a long term company investment. Many people fail to invest in cleaning services because they think they are expensive. Contrary to this there are many cleaning companies such as So Clean, who offer a high quality of service at very competitive rates making a long term investment extremely worthwhile for any company.


  • A professionally clean office can potentially reduce the number of sick employees thus maintaining consistently high performance levels.
  • An untidy, messy environment can cause more accidents in the workplace and could create Health & Safety issues.


  • A clean office environment is important for staff productivity and a positive staff experience.
  • An organized and tidy office, makes the office run smoothly.
  • Working in a clean and tidy office reduces stress levels, creating a positive atmosphere and conscientious staff.

How Can We Help?

  • Professionals will ensure that all the dirt and germs are removed.  Quality cleaning companies such as So Clean are equipped with the best cleaning equipment, products and well trained staff who provide a high quality clean. Thus reducing the chances of becoming infected by diseases.
  •  Hiring a professional cleaning company rather than in-house cleaning staff can save time and money. Experienced office cleaners are trained to ensure that the office is cleaned to the highest standards- this is of course providing you chose a reliable cleaning company such as So Clean to ensure you get quality cleaning at competitive rates.
  • Taking time out to employ in-house cleaners, adding to your own staff, is often a waste of resources or alternatively using your own staff to clean your office will reduce productivity and in any case you will not have a professional clean- Professional cleaners will clean everything including the floors, carpets, windows, curtains, rugs, furniture and electronics. If you decide against a professional clean, many areas can be overlooked thus tarnishing the image of your office and exposing those within it to diseases
  • A professional, reliable cleaning company such as So Clean is a beneficial long term business investment.

So Clean are proud to have built a reputation that is second to none, with high levels of customer and employee retention, our future success depends on our flexible approach to an ever-changing market. We continue to be committed to delivering high levels of expertise, dependability and hassle-free customer service .


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