Christmas is over, the weather is gloomy and we’re all back to the weekly grind. But let’s not get blue, it’s a new year…. Let’s start the year as we mean to go on and maintain a cleaner office, proven to boost staff morale.

It’s easy to get a bit down in the mouth with the prospect of returning to the office, so why not make your work space a first rate place to be?

It’s a proven fact that a clean, smart and welcoming office environment will boost employee productivity. No one feels inspired in a dirty office. Overflowing bins, dirty keyboards, dusty blinds, stacked up paperwork…. Cluttered office = cluttered mind.

You only have to look at the likes of Google and Facebook to see that they take their working environments seriously. Unfortunately we don’t all have their budget to play with, but we can create our own smaller version of it.

Simplify your office, keep it clean and fresh.

Here are a few quick tips to improve your office in no time.

  1. De-clutter your desk – It’s easy to let paperwork build up, or to leave a used coffee mug on the desk growing life forms. This is easy to combat, give yourself just 5 minutes a day for this task and enjoy the results.
  2. Empty waste baskets daily – Emptied regularly, waste bins won’t overflow or start to smell. There’s nothing worse that getting a whiff of a rotting banana skin or the remnants of an old sandwich!
  3. Dust those office blinds – When was the last time that job was done? Chances are, not recently. Dig out your feather duster and they’ll be gleaming in no time.
  4. Computer keyboards – We all know computer keyboards are a hot bed for germs. Keep a pack of antibacterial wipes on your desk and regularly give your keyboard a clean.
  5. Computer screens – Use an anti-static spray and a microfibre cloth to clean your screen.
  6. Clean the windows – Clean windows not only give you a better view, they promote a professional business image.
  7. Clean your phone – It’s the one piece of office equipment you hold to your face, keep it germ free!

Cleaner Offices means better efficiency

Take a wander through your office as if you were a client. Would you be impressed by what you see?

Hopefully by following our suggestions, which are quick and easy to implement, your office will be ready to face the new year, feeling fresh and positive!

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