First impressions count and when it comes to Hotels, the lobby is the first place your customers enter. If it’s not clean and fresh, what does this say about the rest of your hotel? Find our more about our Hotel Cleaning services.

Entrance Mats

Dust Control / Entrance Mats are favoured by many hotels to capture dirt and grime, that would otherwise spread around. In fact, 80% of the dirt and water brought into a hotel lobby, could easily be stopped with the use of high quality and regularly cleaned dust control mats.

Hotel Lobby

Entrance Areas and Hotel Lobbies cleaned by SoClean

Depending on the size of your hotel, there may be various areas within your lobby. Some may just have a reception area, where as others may have a lounge or easy communal areas for relaxing / meetings.

We provide a daily cleaning service and work at times to suit you.

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Entrance Doors

Again, depending on the size of the hotel and whether a communal seating area is provided near the entrance, double doors, revolving doors or automated doors are used. These all act as a barrier for dirt and require regular cleaning due to constant contact.

This can be particularly important for Hotels in London where pollution is a problem and dirt levels can be higher.

Reception Area

Hotel Lobby Cleaning and Reception Areas cleaned by SoClean

The reception is the first and last port of call for your visitors. The cleanliness of this area is paramount and must be maintained regularly and professionally, ensuring good hygiene levels.

Communal Areas / Lounge

Lobby & Reception areas cleaned by SoClean

Some hotels may have stone, tiled or wooden floors, whereas others may choose to use carpets.

The fact is, unlike some homes where footwear may be removed, in a Hotel environment, visitors don’t remove their footwear and dirt is carried. This is especially a problem in winter months.

Regular carpet cleaning and / or floor cleaning using our specialist services manages dirt levels and maintain an appropriate appearance.

Bar / Eating Area

Public Area Cleaning including Bars and Eating areas

Each area of your Hotel requires regular cleaning, but, when it comes to food areas special attention is essential.

Controlling the spread of dirt throughout a Hotel is a constant challenge and it is important to ensure your food areas are kept in an optimum state.

Hotel Lobby Cleaning Services

SoClean not only offer general Hotel Cleaning but specialist cleaning for specific areas.

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