We have all been hoping for a nice summer and so far, so good. June and July have brought some fantastic weather to UK Mainland and it’s set to continue according to the forecasters. Actionable tips to save water and money for your business from So Clean, leading Contract Cleaners in London covering Kent and the South East.

Water Saving Tips for Businesses

Save Water, Save Money!

Businesses can reduce bills and conserve water use generally, not just during these hot spells. Has your business installed water saving devices such as water-efficient taps which save both water and energy by minimising the use of heated water?

Water Saving Devices for your Business

Did you know, there are around 45 million toilets in UK homes? Imagine how many there are when we include businesses, restaurants, hotels, government buildings, hospitals and schools etc.

In the domestic sector alone, flushing the humble toilet uses an estimated 2 billion litres of water every day! That is a significant amount of water being used.

Does your business provide dual flush toilets for staff and customers?

Have you fitted a simple tap insert to your taps to maximise the efficiency of water delivery, reducing the costs to your business and helping the environment?

Simple devices, often free, if not, very cheap to buy and fit and the savings greatly outweigh the cost.

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Tap Inserts to reduce water flow

Modern push style taps in commercial washrooms

These are simple to install and save on average 36 litres per day. The insert will fit common wash basin taps with circular outlets. To install, simply unscrew the existing nozzle and fit the new one for an immediate saving.

Improved toilet flush facility

There are numerous ways in which you can improve water efficiency. A simple google search will reveal cheap to purchase devices which are easy to fit, which reduce the amount of water being flushed each time.

Did you know, some people even put a brick into the cistern to reduce the water capacity, therefore reducing the amount of water used each flush.

Urinal flow restrictions

Some urinals have gone waterless (and odourless), these are seen more commonly in public toilets today. For those with traditional urinals, low flow systems can be installed to reduce the amount of water used when flushing.

Modern push style taps

Old style taps are prone to being left on. Replace them for an immediate saving in water usage.

Old style washroom taps are prone to being left on

Not only are they not as sanitary as push type taps, but if left on, they are a sure way to waste water. Replacing these old style taps is a cost effective way to reduce water use and improve hygiene at the same time.

Staff Awareness to conserve water

Simple advise but often overlooked. Make sure your staff are aware of their responsibility within the business and provide them with access to instant hot water. This will avoid unnecessary run off.

If you don’t have push style taps, ensure signs are placed in appropriate areas to remind employees and customers, that taps should be turned off before they leave the washroom.

Reporting water leaks

If you spot a leak, report it. Frequently external leaks are overlooked and left unresolved for far too long. This not only wastes water but costs you money both in lost water and potential damage to the structure of your building. Good maintenance of water pipes is essential whether it’s inside or outside your business premises.

Simple, Actionable Water Saving Tips

Make a saving for your business by reviewing your facilities and make some simple adjustments.

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