So Clean has an enviable reputation as a leading Daily Cleaning Services company servicing London, Kent and the South East. We cater to the demands of Businesses, Hotels, Restaurants and Mobile Caterers on a Daily Basis, ensuring they stay compliant, operational and clean.

It is paramount, to ensure your kitchens are presentable, safe and hygienic for the safety of your customers and your brand. So Clean tackle both daily and deep clean solutions to maintain high standards in your commercial kitchens

Many people consider the most important member of staff in a kitchen, is ‘The Chef’. Yes, he (or she) is certainly an integral part, maybe the brand itself, but any Chef will tell you the success or demise of any kitchen is determined by how well the ‘overall team’ performs and cleaning is an essential part of the process.

When it comes to a commercial Kitchen, especially busy and popular ones, many staff are employed to perform numerous tasks, be it preparation, cooking or front of house duties. Those involved with food prep and cooking are trained to be clean and hygiene as they work e.g maintaining a clean workstation during service and cleaning up after. However, there is always a demand for a dedicated cleaning operative or team to be working before, after or even during a busy service.

Cleaning is an essential part of the food industry. At any point, a health inspector can knock on your door (without notice) and it’s not just the surface areas, they will be checking.

If you run a business that makes or prepares food, it will be inspected to make sure you are following food law. Find out what inspections might involve and the action that inspectors can take if they find a problem in your business. Read more.

9 times out of 10, we find commercial kitchens choose to outsource cleaning and hygiene (deep cleaning especially) to professional cleaning companies, like So Clean, rather than relying on in-house staff.

Food Inspectors Rights of Access

It is worth knowing, Food Inspectors have the right to enter and inspect food premises at all reasonable hours. They do not have to make an appointment and will usually come without notice.

Downloadable Food Hygiene Guides

The following documents, website links and information on this page can ensure you are aware of your responsibilities and adhere to food hygiene standards in your commercial kitchens.

  1. Food Hygiene – A Guide for Businesses
  2. First Steps to Running a Catering Business
  3. Good Hygiene is Good for your Business

We truly believe in our motto ‘We Clean, You Profit’

We keep your kitchen in tip top condition, whether it’s regular daily cleaning before, or after service or maybe a less frequent (but equally important) Deep Cleaning Service to remove the inevitable build of dirt, grime, and grease over time. Read our post, 5 hygiene warning signs in a kitchen

Regular Daily Kitchen Cleaning

If you need regular kitchen cleaning before and after service (or at times which suit you), get in touch with us on 01689 853 366 to book an appointment. We will take time, to understand your needs and requirements and if required, will perform a site visit to gain a comprehensive understanding of how best to serve you.

Deep Cleaning Services for Commercial Kitchens

Busy kitchens can be kept clean on a daily basis but from time to time, a much more intensive Deep Clean is required. We work 24/7 to clean for Restaurants, Hotels and Mobile Caterers. We fit in with you, deploying our Deep Clean Operatives at times which suit.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services London

Get in touch regarding your Kitchen Cleaning requirements on 01689 853 366