Beyond the playful spin on words in this blog post (using pane instead of pain), there is a point beyond the humour. Yes, it’s about cleaning windows but more importantly the impact at this time of year, during the colder months and festive season. Read on …

In some ways, winter is the most wonderful time of the year. It’s a time when retail businesses see their biggest boost in sales, and the festive cheer always seems to be infectious. It’s cold and there’s no daylight, but somehow, we all manage to love winter anyway.

Winter is also the busiest season of the year, especially for businesses. Around the beginning of December, the annual ‘every single member of staff is taking a holiday’ rounds begin. Your business is disrupted, things get forgotten, and you find yourself momentarily longing for the crisp clarity of the New Year just so things can return to normal.

It’s the ‘things get forgotten’ that is so problematic in this scenario. Throughout the winter months, you can find yourself getting so consumed by the general bustle of the season that you forget to organise basics– and one of those basics is arguably the one you can’t afford to forget.

Window Cleaning In Winter: The Necessities

Cleaning the windows of your office or retail store is likely something you know to arrange in summer when the daylight is streaming through the panes and every speck of dirt is obvious. Through the winter, though? Window cleaning is a habit that can fall off of your radar. There’s so much else going on, it’s easy to forget and overlook such a fundamental basic.

This is particularly problematic; your business windows likely need to be cleaned more in winter, not less. The reason for this is simple; the weather.

Winter Weather Window Woes

We may all associate winter with those crisp, clear days where the cold catches in your throat as you inhale– but winter has its fair share of less-pleasant weather upsets in store.


We know; it sounds bizarre to need windows cleaning after rainfall, because… surely it would make sense that the windows are cleaned by the rain? However, if you leave the cleaning to Mother Nature, you’ll soon see that rain actually makes things look worse, not better. Streaks, mineral deposits, and smearing can all create a window that looks grubby and outright unprofessional– definitely not the impression you’re going to want people to have about your business.


Snowfall isn’t particularly common in the UK — which is perhaps why we all delight in it when it does arrive — but it does happen on occasion, and when it does, your windows pay the price. The impact of snow on your windows is the same as it is with rain, but somehow far worse. Streaks, smears, and dirt will all become commonplace on your windows if you forget to continue cleaning through the winter months.

Blown Leaves

Finally, wet windows mean sticky windows; and all of those leaves left over from autumn are going to happily adhere themselves to the panes. The overall look of this is far from impressive, and even further from the professional appearance that you seek from every other aspect of your business.

Winter is tough on your windows, so you’re going to want to take the time to ensure that you take care of your cleaning requirements this winter. SoClean can help you maintain your windows; your business will look professional and well-managed as a result, which is exactly the attitude you want to portray.

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