Today (and for the rest of this week), So Clean and the Living Wage Foundation are celebrating Living Wage Week.

Nicholas Gasson, Managing Director at So Clean Commercial Service plc, said, “We’re proud to be celebrating Living Wage Week as a Living Wage UK accredited employer. We believe that paying the real living wage is right for our employees and it’s good for our business too.”

People often get confused about the differences are between “minimum wage”, “national living wage” and “real living wage”, so we’re happy to share this graphic from the Living Wage Foundation to explain UK Wage Rates:

Table explaining UK wage rates and the difference between minimum wage and real living wage.

We invite everyone to join us as we celebrate the movement that’s given hundreds of thousands of workers a pay rise with a real living wage. The real living wage changes lives and our advice to workers past, present and future is to look for the Living Wage Foundation logo and support employers that display this. And for other employers, all we can say is that the living wage will benefit your business – 93% say so!

Living Wage Foundation chart showing business benefits for supporting real living wage

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