Facilities Management is the maintenance of an organisations buildings and equipment. It is a professional management discipline, focused upon effective and efficient delivery of support services to the organisation it serves.

Ultimate Organisation

Todays FM (Facilities Manager) is tasked with becoming the Ultimate Organiser. Someone who ensures that all aspects of a business workplace needs are met on an ongoing basis.

What does this mean?

A business tends to concentrate on the aspects of ‘making money’ by whatever means, in whichever industry it works within. The day to day aspects of running that business, may be mundane and secondary to the core objectives of the business, however, they need to be managed and this is where an FM may come into play.

Essential Elements for a good Facilities Manager

The most effective FM will be well organised and methodical in his (or her) approach to meeting the needs of a business. They will take into account ways to save on labour costs and with an effective planning strategy, can ensure the needs are met, on time and on budget achieving maximum productivity.

What Services does an FM concentrate on?

Let’s consider a medium to large sized business for a moment. They will have numerous staff, large buildings and a busy throughput every day. The FM will be tasked to ensure that maintenance of the ‘facilities’ is met and managed. Think of them as a ‘project manager’ who reaches beyond his own direct staff and pulls in external companies to ‘achieve an objective’.

Typical Services covered through Facilities Management

  • Office Cleaning
  • Floor Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Hygiene Services
  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Front of House
  • Chambermaids
  • Security
  • Janitorial Services
  • Sanitary Waste Collection
  • and more

The list is endless really, as once a FM company is involved, the business will often request they manage all aspects of the ‘facilities’ within the business. The role of the modern day FM is to provide a solution, be it from their own direct staff, or through their list of contractors.

So Clean – The Facilities Management Contractors

We are a rapidly growing, private run family business and we have a vast range of direct clients. However, in addition to this, various Facilities Management companies come to us to provide additional services for their clients. We provide part of the overall solution a Facilities Management will deliver on behalf of the businesses they serve.

The Benefits

If you think about it, businesses concentrate on the ‘money-making’ side to their business and they often do not have the time, resource or inclination to research numerous providers for each individual element within their business, which requires maintenance.

It is far more effective for the business to reach out to one person or company who can deliver a total solution, by keeping it all under one roof.

Knowledge is Key

Over time, the Facilities Manager builds up a network of reliable, trustworthy and professional companies, delivering a wide range of services which may be called upon at any time by their clients.

Why So Clean

So Clean have established themselves as a professional commercial cleaning company covering London, Kent, and the South East and are proud to be called upon by several Facilities Management companies who recognise the ability to deliver on time, on budget and deliver a first class job.

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