When it comes to finding a new cleaning company, who do you choose, how do you find them? What questions should you ask once you have shortlisted cleaning contractors of interest? Let’s dig a little deeper and identify some things to consider and questions to ask when looking to hire office cleaning company.

Finding cleaners by area

If you live in the South East, you will require a company who can service your needs in that area. When searching on Google, bear in mind, it knows by default the area, in which, you are located.

However, you can be more specific by searching for type of cleaner + your location e.g commercial cleaner in kent, or cleaning company in london to narrow the results further, if it’s a specific job in a certain town for example.

What type of cleaning services do you require?

Firstly, be sure to distinguish between commercial cleaners and private cleaners. Quite often, companies offering cleaning services do not offer both, so be sure to specify whether it’s a commercial or domestic service that you require.

Try searching for commercial office cleaning or domestic cleaning for example.

How long have they been in business?

Before choosing a company to work with, it’s worth identifying how long they have been in business to ascertain what kind of experience they have in the cleaning industry.

We have a few pointers which everyone should  consider when approaching a new cleaning contractor

  1. Check their website and about us information
  2. Check for a portfolio
  3. Check for customer feedback / testimonials page
  4. Ask for references if you feel it’s necessary
  5. Look for any google reviews

Certainly for any companies dealing specifically with commercial cleaning services, they will almost always have a website which you can refer to and if they don’t, dig a little deeper to make sure they are a good fit for your needs.

Are they insured?

Whether you have a domestic or commercial cleaning requirement, it is vital to check whoever you employ, has the right insurance and indemnities cover in place.

What happens if they damage something in your property, while they working for you. It is their responsibility to ensure they clean for you, not damage. Accidents can happen, which can’t be avoided, but having insurance in place, means you are covered if necessary.

Any cleaning personnel working for you should be covered by public liability cover provided by the cleaning company and this is certainly a question you should be asking before you employ their services.

What hours can they work?

At this stage, you have likely identified a company who is suitable so it’s now time to see if they can offer times and days, which suit you and your requirement. Consider your working hours you need and when you want them on site to perform their cleaning duties.

Tips to arrange and organise cleaning times:

  1. Consider the times cleaners can operate with minimal disruption to your business
  2. Ensure adequate time is allowed for cleaners to arrive and leave without interrupting you
  3. Plan meetings around times when cleaning personnel are active
  4. Discuss the order of cleaning on a room by room basis
  5. Ensure cleaners have access when they need to perform their duties

Key holders / Access control

When it comes to cleaning for businesses outside of working hours, either early morning or evening, it’s important to consider how cleaners will access your property to perform their duties.

  • Providing adequate clearance rights for cleaning staff
  • Providing access to keys to gain access to property
  • Ensuring night porters / security staff are responsible for checking in / checking out cleaners
  • Log-Book Entry for signing in / signing out

Company Branding

Whilst it’s important for a company to promote their own brand, it’s equally important for cleaning staff to be easily identifies as outside contractors. In the case of So Clean, all staff are deployed with branded clothing and branded vehicles.

Cleaning Company Branding

Check to make sure that 3rd party personnel working for your business, look presentable and represent the professionalism of your business with smart appearance and politeness.

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