Schools, Colleges and Universities, alongside other educational facilities in the UK, all require professional cleaning companies / contractors to handle routine cleaning and Hygiene Services.

Hygiene is paramount when it comes high volumes of young people congregating. Schools, colleges and universities, if not managed properly, can be a breeding ground for germs. There is an increased risk of cross contamination.

The ethos of So Clean as a company is to ensure cleanliness and hygiene in the workplace is optimum, to maintain good profits and reduce absences.

Our Moto in the workplace is ‘We Clean, You Profit’.

The same can be applied to the educational sector, where good hygiene and cleaning standards can improve attendance, therefore improving the effectiveness of the education being provided.

We Clean. You Learn.

Student Learning affected by poor Hygiene

Much in the same way, workers in an office are more productive when working in a clean and hygienic, environment, the same goes for young people in a learning environment.

The cleaner and more hygienic the environment that young people are learning in, the less likely they are to suffer illnesses resulting in absences, therefore potentially effecting their education.

Cleaning Up Standards in Education

  • Ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations.
  • Improving academic performance
  • Reduced absences by ensuring optimum hygiene levels
  • Improved perception of cleanliness, promoting better learning
  • Reducing staff illness and absence
  • We Clean. You Learn.

Cleaning Services for Education Sector

So Clean provide a comprehensive range of cleaning and hygiene services for the educational sector within London, Kent and the Southeast.

We maintain on a regular schedule, key areas within your facilities. These include:

  • Toilets
    Our cleaning operatives will maintain high standards in your washrooms. In addition to regular cleaning, we can also provide Hygiene Services such as Sanitary Waste Collection, Sanitary Bins, Air Fresheners, Hand Drying Facilities and Urinal Sanitising Systems as well as manage consumable requirements.

  • Comunal Areas
    Reception Areas, Communal Areas and Corridors all require cleaning and we can handle any designated areas, defined in our initial meeting and assessment of your requirements.

  • Food Preparation / Consumption Areas
    Kitchens and Food Halls / Canteen Areas must be cleaned and maintained to a high degree to reduce the risk of contamination. So Clean manage cleaning of all food prep and consumption areas.

  • Classrooms, Common Rooms & Lecture Halls
    Key areas within your school, have a high turn over of young people, therefore cleanliness is paramount to maintain good hygiene levels.

  • Computer Rooms
    Computer rooms are often poorly maintained and So Clean pay special attention to keyboards, screens and mouses, which harbour germs and bacteria. Read our blog post here for further information on IT Cleaning and Computer Hygiene.

  • Gymnasiums / Fitness Areas
    So Clean manage a number of independent Gyms as well as Fitness Suites in Hotels and are experienced in managing your Fitness facilities with a professional cleaning service.

Why Choose So Clean?

You need to adhere to Health & Safety standards and you need a company who understands what is required in order to meet the levels required. Our aim is to exceed your expectations and deliver a professional cleaning solution.

  • Cleaning Survey
    We perform an in-depth and professional audit of your requirements, before providing a fully documented plan to manage cleaning for your educational facilities.

  • Work with us to educate students
    You understand the need to maintain hygiene, but working alongside So Clean and using signage to encourage students (and staff) to practise good hygiene, helps everyone.

  • Our Knowledge. Your Benefit.
    We understand how to tackle ‘hot spot’ areas and ensure they are kept clean. Sometimes, what looks clean may in fact not be.

  • Products / Consumables
    So Clean concentrate on the cleaning side, however it’s sister company, Flush Hygiene, provide a comprehensive range of Hygiene Products and Consumables for your washroom facilities.

  • Premium Cleaning Service
    We are a family run business with 25 years of experience in the industry. Our reputation precedes us. Ask others, we are confident in our abilities and proud of the reputation we have worked hard to earn.

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