Wear and tear is inevitable but with a little bit of science, we can slow it down. Cleaners reduce deterioration process with the right products, techniques and equipment with attention to detail.. Cleaning Offices for Businesses in the London, Kent and the Southeast.

Dust, dirt and grime don’t just look bad, they actively damage surfaces and furnishings – speeding up their natural deterioration.

At So Clean we believe that, just as dirt can accelerate wear and tear, cleaning can actively slow it down. That is why we offer a broad range of specialist cleaning services to cover all areas of your building.

Cleaners reduce deterioration process

Our Dry Fusion carpet cleaning is part of our standard service. This patented system hot cleans, deodorises, stain protects and then heat dries every type of carpet.

Reach & Wash Window Cleaning London

Our state-of-the-art ‘Reach and Wash’ service allows us to access and clean at heights of up to 30 feet, from the ground, using carbon fibre telescopic poles and 100% pure laboratory graded water.

Our extensive and periodic cleaning can help protect everything from your IT equipment to the buildings infrastructure.

The result?

Fewer bills for replacing surfaces and furnishings and few awkward conversations with your Financial Director.

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