The purpose of this post is to introduce you the other side of our business, Flush Hygiene. Although run separately (and from its own website) the two companies offer one comprehensive cleaning solution.

Flush Hygiene specialises in the management of Commercial Washrooms throughout London, Kent and the South East. Each company compliments the other, as detailed in this post.

What do Flush Hygiene Offer?

Flush Hygiene are a leading Washroom Solutions Provider covering London, Kent and the South East, providing the following hygiene services:

Waste Collection

Flush Hygiene offer a daily waste collection service. We collect and dispose of washroom and medical waste, supply and service Feminine Hygiene Bins, Nappy Bins and Media Waste Bins. We are proud to be one of very few Hygiene Companies to recycle up to 95% of our absorbent waste, reducing the impact on landfill.

For more details on these services, click on the links below (loads the Flush Hygiene Website).

Washroom Maintenance

We provide regular visits to suit your needs, daily, weekly or monthly. Our job is to ensure your washroom is compliant with relevant laws by supplying the required equipment and ensuring it’s stocked and maintained efficiently.

We stock a wide range of relevant washroom equipment and consumables to suit your needs. You can click on the links below to find out more on our website.

Other Hygiene Services

In addition to the washroom services, Flush Hygiene also provide the following related services. You can contact Flush, or SoClean, to request access to any of these services in your area.

Get in touch

You can contact Flush Hygiene directly on 01689 600 550 or speak to your contact within SoClean who can organise any additional services you require.